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Year 5 & 6 2019

Welcome to the Year 5 & 6 page!


We try to update this page regularly so you can see what

we have been learning about, the displays we've produced

and the fun activities we've taken part in. 

Eco Christmas Fair


This year, we decided to minimise plastic use and have an eco-friendly Christmas fair. The children made Christmas crackers from recycled materials, up-cycled two old chairs with decoupage. On the day, we ran a virtual balloon race, which will start on Christmas day ( still lots of time to buy a balloon), a 'swish and swap' sale, a fairtrade stall and a recycle point.




Storm Whale Workshop


We got the opportunity to have our own master class in performing. This drama workshop got us working as a team to complete some fun activities. Also we played a game where one person had to do some silent acting whilst the other person had to guess what they were doing, each person had their go. Class 4 had a lot of fun doing this! A big thank you to 'Pocklington Art Centre' for putting this on for us to enjoy.



The Mayans


This half term, we are learning all about the Mayans. We have learnt about how they lived, what they wore and what they did. As Fangfest was approaching we were asked by Fangfoss Pottery if we would like to make some Mayan pots. These were a success! They children really worked hard to create these.






The Chocolate Story


Staying with the Mayans, we visited the Chocolate Story in York to discover the kind of chocolate the Mayans made and used. We already knew that the chocolate was used as money but we didn't know how it was made. We attended a workshop in the morning to make our own Mayan Chocolateo. Once it was made we compared it to the hot chocolate we drink today.  In the afternoon, we went on our own guided tour, learning about the different companies in York that made chocolate and how the 'Chocolate Story' made their own chocolate. Some of the children tried 100% dark chocolate!! The last stop on our tour was to create chocolate lollies with using different toppings.



Hull's Gotta Dance


What an amazing night this was! There were two groups that had chosen to perform in the Hulls Gotta Dance Show. One group decided to join modern Irish and old Irish dancing together to preform a beautiful dance to 'The Lord of the Dance.' The second dance was an elegant performance to 'A Thousand Years'. Both groups were amazing with their parent's support in the audience. A big Thank You to Mrs Watson and Miss Shepherdson for their support in front and behind the stage.








Year 6 Beverly Minster Leavers Service



Before attending the service the children were asked to create a footprint with all the memories they had created at St Martin's. These were placed down the side of the Minster joining other schools that attended the service. The service was put together by Diocese of York.






What a beautiful day it was to visit Stockbridge Technology Centre. We created our own pizzas and backed buns. These were delicious! We then tasted different types of fruit and cheese to see if we could recognise what they were and where they came from. In the afternoon we then started to pick our own veg to take home, which was a real treat. Also we were able to bring home some basil and plants that were grown at Stockbridge.




Woldgate Technology Challenge



Some of Year 6 were invited to the K.P to get involved in the Woldgate Technology Challenge. The mission was to create a parachute for an egg to land safely into a bucket WITHOUT cracking or breaking the egg. Speaking to the children that went, all eggs had landed successfully!



Show and Tell


This was a very interesting morning, it was part of our ping pong treat. This term the children had decided if they got a full pot of ping pongs that the treat would be a morning of show and tell! There was a variety of different items brought in. Each child spoke about their item and the rest of the class asked questions. Here below are some pictures of the treasures brought in!

Kingswood Residential 2019


 Kingswood Residential was a success! The Children were away for 3 days doing fun, sporty activities such as:

  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Archery
  • Fencing
  • Team building games
  • Laser Quest

 The first night they sat in front of the camp fire, eating marshmallows and telling fun stories. The second night the children chilled out watching a film. We had some very tired children when they arrived back at St Martin's but they all really enjoyed it!



Palm Oil Reply




Class 4 received a letter from the Chair of Governors (Christine Grey) explaining how she has seen our display on palm oil and read the children's letters, congratulating them on their good persuasive writing. Also explain how she supports WWF and Amnesty International as has done that for 35 years!! Lastly hoping that the children will carry on raising their concerns and protecting the natural world.




Shadow Art


Class 4 have been enjoying the sunshine experimenting with shadow art. The children were given chalk and put into seven groups. Some interesting shapes were created such as: human pyramids, jujitsu moves, YMCA, bible stories, and many more. This will be featuring in the next school news letter!!!!





Easter Egg Hunt


Class 4 earned 10 extra minutes of playtime on the last day. As a special treat Mrs Watson went round hiding 29 Easter eggs which had a letter on the back, 1 for each child. They then had to figure out what the secret message said. It did take a while but the children finally got it right winning chocolate eggs! The message read ' Happy Easter to all in class 4 xx'.






Class 4 have been going through time learning about Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, finding out about tools, farming, clothing and housing. The children were put into groups and had 5 minutes to act out what hillforts were and what happens on them. Ms Elliott was invited into class to watch the performance and was very impressed with them all.






Science Experiments


In science the children have been learning all about electricity and where is comes from. We have been building circuits with different lengths of wire to see if the bulb would get brighter or dimmer. Then the children built times table quiz boards with cells and bulbs.


Pocklington School Maths Challenge


Four members of year 6 were invited to take part in an all day maths challenge at Pocklington School which involved eleven other schools.  They had to start by making a maths poster about certain aspects in maths which were included in the day. They went on to do four more maths activates. The team of four students came 3rd in the poster challenge. They really enjoyed the day. Well Done!!


Woldgate Literacy Challenge at the KP Club

Well done to those Year 6s who went along to the KP Club recently to take part in the Woldgate Literacy Challenge. The children teamed up with pupils from other local schools and were set various tasks including writing a descriptive piece, completing an activity sheet and taking part in a spelling bee. 

Picture 1

Our plastic project

Thank you to everyone who donated plastics for our KS2 project. Over the past couple of days we've been thinking about the impact plastics have on our environment. We used the plastic to create things we'd see in nature - flowers, bugs, animals. We'll be doing a piece of creative writing based on our projects so we've started to build up word banks to use. Our creations look great adjacent to the wildlife area. 

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Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Swimming gala 

Well done to the seven children who represented St Martin's at the recent swimming gala at Beverley Leisure Centre. Everyone did their very best and there were some impressive times. We came second overall and received certificates in the Endeavour assembly today. Thanks to the parents who provided transport and support at the venue and thanks to Mrs Watson and Mrs Thompson for providing transport too. 

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It's that time of the year again...

Chocolate fountain time! Having filled the ping pong pot, the children chose to have a chocolate fountain as their reward. Lots of healthy options were on offer - along with the chocolate! 

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Christmas crafts day 

A very creative day in Class 4. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Christmas Fair 

Thanks very much to all at FOSS for arranging the Christmas Fair. Thanks too to all those who braved the inclement weather and came along to support it. We had several stalls in Class 4. 

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Picture 2

Writing a persuasive letter, 

getting a reply from the PM

and featuring in the Pocklington Post

In English we learnt how to write a persuasive letter. We learnt about the environmental issues surrounding the production of palm oil. We then wrote letters to companies who use palm oil asking them to produce it sustainably or use less. We posted letters to Cadbury, Nestle, Defra, Herbal Essences and the Prime Minister. We had a reply from Mrs May as well as other companies and we featured in the Pocklington Post!


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Picture 4

Silhouette Art

In Art, we took the theme of the centenary of the ending of the First World War and designed silhouettes which we put over a painted background. We have displayed some of them outside our classroom. We also added some poetry. 

Picture 1


In English, with the help of Miss Hull, we have displayed some of our Ted Hughes-inspired poems on OUR POET-TREE outside the classroom. 

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Picture 2

Crime & punishment history project

We invited our families into class to see the projects we have been working on as part of our History topic. We have been learning about crime and punishment throughout the ages and some of it was certainly quite grisly! In small groups or as individuals, we researched a particular era and then presented our findings using PowerPoint, models, posters and interactive quizzes. Our visitors enjoyed seeing our work. 

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Ted Hughes inspired writing 

In class 4, we've been looking at the poetry of Yorkshire-born poet, Ted Hughes. So far we have studied "The Warm and the Cold" and "Leaves". The good weather meant we went out and used our senses, looking and listening and smelling for inspiration in order to write poetry.  

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Science - healthy eating

In Science, we've been looking at seasonal food, where our food comes from and healthy eating. In small groups, we planned some healthy dishes and then we prepared them. One group made houmous, one group made vegetable soup, another group did pesto and another group made a fruit salad. We also made a cheese sauce, tortilla chips and pitta pizzas. The proof of the pudding was certainly in the eating! 

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God's Eyes 


One of the first activities Class 4 did when they returned from the holidays, was to create some God's Eyes. A God's Eye (in Spanish, Ojo de Dios) is a spiritual object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colours are used. They are commonly found in Mexican and Mexican American communities, among both Indigenous and Catholic peoples.  The children each found a couple of sticks, crossed them over and then chose the wool. They look great hanging in our Reflection Corner. 

Picture 1
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Picture 3

Class 4, Curriculum letter, autumn term 2018