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Who's Who

The staff at our school:

Mrs J. Robinson - Interim Head Teacher

Mrs H. Highton -  Class 1 Teacher

Miss R. Holroyd - Class 1 Nursery Nurse

Miss K. Shepherdson - Class 2 Teacher

Mrs C. Clements- Class 2 Teaching Assistant/HLTA

Mrs N. Travis - PPA Cover Teacher

Miss S. Soley - Class 2 1:1 Teaching Assistant & ELSA

Mrs S. Wilson - Class 2 1:1 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs J. Stride -   Class 2 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs V. Booth - Class 3 Teacher

Mrs J. Atkinson - Class 3 Teaching Assistant and Child Protection Coordinator

Miss R. Doyle - Class 3 1:1 Teaching Assistant 

Miss T. Brindley - Class 4 Teacher and Senior Teacher

Miss D. Halliday-  1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Watson - Class 4 1:1 Teaching Assistant/Out of School Play Worker

Mrs C. Oxford - PPA Cover Teacher and Music Teacher

Mme C. Ruze - French Teacher

Mrs A. Calder -  School Business Manager

Mrs V. Crinnion - Admin/Finance Officer

Mrs D. Nicholson- Admin Assistant

Ms A. Maltby - Caretaker

Ms K. Hindwell - School Cook 

Mrs E. Mathie - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S. Watson - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs A. Bovingdon - Midday Supervisor

Mrs E. Bacon - Midday Supervisor

Mrs J. Stride - Out of School Club Manager

Mrs L. Coombes - Out of School Club Play Worker