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The Vision for Our Pupils at St. Martin's CE VA Primary School

St. Martin’s CE VA Primary School Vision Statement


At St. Martin’s CE VA Primary School, we aim to develop our pupils so that they are prepared for life’s events and challenges along their journey into adulthood; this includes supporting them to develop spiritually, emotionally, academically, physically and socially. This happens in a caring and loving environment based firmly on Christian values, and in particular the values of Compassion, Trust, Responsibility and Creativity (these values were chosen democratically by our families, our governors, and our staff.) We aim to use the model of Christ in helping us to create “a little bit of Heaven on Earth for everyone.”


“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it." 

Proverbs 22:6 (New International Version of the Bible NIV)


We will:


  • Ensure that Every Child of God Matters, and recognise that that all people in our community are precious to God
  • Help each pupil to develop their own values and beliefs, whilst respecting the religious and moral values of others, including those of different faiths, or none
  • Provide a happy, secure, stimulating and purposeful environment
  • Provide a high quality education for all pupils, encouraging them to develop a love for learning; this will be done through highly effective teaching, across an exciting and appropriate curriculum, preparing them for life in the 21st Century and beyond
  • Challenge pupils to be responsible citizens who care for their environment, and make a positive contribution to their communities
  • Encourage pupils to become confident individuals, who are happy, healthy and enjoy a challenge
  • Listen to and work co-operatively with our families, our church, and our community of Fangfoss and its surroundings



Christians believe that their attitudes and actions must reflect the kindness, mercy and compassion of Jesus and the love of God for everyone


Trust is the basis of all stable relationships, including a person's relationship with God. It is rooted in truth, and will grow through consistent experiences of reliability and integrity. God’s commitment to humanity is seen in his willingness to trust ordinary people with the carrying out of his purposes through history


The Bible teaches that life is a gift from God and it is our responsibility to use our talents and abilities in the best way we can


Seen from a Christian perspective all of life is a gift, entrusted by a loving creator God to humankind for a purpose. This purpose is glimpsed as the creative spirit within each person that learns to value and explore, celebrate and enjoy this world in all its mystery and diversity. With this gift comes a mutual responsibility to ensure the creation is not spoiled, but rather sustained and shared by all.


‚ÄčAll definitions taken from: “Values for Life”, Jumping Fish Limited - Diocese of Gloucester.

St. Martin’s CE VA Primary School – Core Values

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