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The World Cup.

Just a heads up to everyone out there. Everybody in Class 2 has picked a team out of the basket to support in our class sweepstake. Be prepared to support another country, other than England.

Our school trip.

We recently went on a very exciting trip to Tophill Nature Reserve, near Driffield. Class 2 would fully recommend it to anybody else wishing to visit a nature reserve. On the day we looked at different habitats, played I-spy, looked out of a bird hide and met Old Stinker. We had a fantastic time and Margaret, the guide, commended us on our polite and enthusiastic behaviour. Well done Class 2- it was a brilliant trip.

Tophill Nature Reserve

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Our new topic this term is animals and their habitats, with a particular focus on minibeasts. Therefore our role play area has transformed into a minibeast laboratory. The children can investigate all sorts of creatures, research minibeasts in books and look at insects in close detail using microscopes. So far we have been very careful because as the hazard tape suggests entering the minibeast laboratory can be 'dangerous' at times.

We very much enjoyed our trip to the Rocking Horse Shop in Fangfoss. We saw inside the workshop, learnt how new horses were made and looked at how old and broken rocking horses are restored. The children all then got to ride on a rocking horse. It was brilliant.

The Rocking Horse Shop

Our topic is currently toys and we are very much looking forward to a visit to the Rocking Horse Shop after half term. But last week we looked at a painting from 1560 which featured over 60 'old fashioned' games. We decided that children didn't play like this anymore and so made our own version of the painting, fit for 2018. How many different modern toys and games can you spot?

Toys from the past and in the present

Recently we have been writing myths and legends in our English lessons. Class 2 chose to focus in particular on Pandora's Box. We worked very hard to design a new box for Pandora to open and then thought of a bad and a good thing to come out of the box. Here is the brilliant display we made featuring lots of boxes. If you look closely you can spot some clues as to what we put in the boxes.

Pandora's Box

Download our curriculum letter to see what Class 2 are learning about this half term.

Class 2 have become very interested in the seasons recently, most particularly Autumn. As a class we have been collecting lots of items to do with autumn, especially conkers. We were challenged to make pictures out of the conkers and this is what we created.

We used collage to make a picture for our class topic work. Our artwork shows what happens to a tree through-out the seasons.

The changing seasons

Download our curriculum letter to see what we will be learning about this term!

Design and Technology: Class 2 designed and made their own playground models.

Class Trip to Beningbrough Hall June 2017

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Class 2 Visit to the Yorkshire Arboretum; mini-beast hunting, habitat building and pond dipping (June 2016)

17th July 2015 - The end of year service at St. Martin's Church.

Please read our Summer Curriculum letter to see what we will be learning about.

Please read our Spring Curriculum letters to see what we will be learning about.

Please read our Autumn Curriculum letters to see what we will be learning about.

Early Years Foundation Stage, and Key Stage 1 Nativity 2014 - "Whoops-a-Daisy Angel!

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As part of our work in R.E. looking at What makes a place special? Class 2 had a walk to visit the Methodist Chapel in Bolton.

Our visit to the Methodist Chapel in Bolton

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4th June 2014 Class 2 visited the Yorkshire Arboretum. Although it was a very rainy day everyone had a great time minibeast hunting, habitat building and pond dipping.

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Although it was a very rainy day Class 2 had a great time at the Yorkshire Arboretum at Castle Howard.

We were met by Kathryn and Linda, staff from the Arboretum, and they helped us with the activities. The day began by looking for minibeasts under leaves and logs. The children found a variety of species such as woodlice, slugs, snails, worms and even a toad! We then built our own habitats for them.

At lunchtime we ate in the outdoor classroom, sitting on tree stump seats. The tarpaulin cover meant we were all dry!

After lunch Kathryn and Linda helped us with the pond dipping activity, which was great fun!


Quotes from the children:


"This is the best day of my life, even though it's raining!"


"I'm having a great day."


"I've been looking forward to pond dipping all week!"


Quote from the Arboretum staff:


"What exceptionally well behaved, polite children at St. Martin's."

23rd May 2014 Today we released our butterflies into our school quiet area. They were named: Billy, Bob, Betsy, Benjamin, Brian, Benny, Bethany, Benjie, Ben and Flutter! They were reluctant to leave us but we are sure they will enjoy their freedom!

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20th May 2014 Great excitement in Class 2 this morning! After watching and waiting for over 2 weeks our butterflies have begun to emerge from their chrysalis!

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