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St Martin's CE VA Primary School


As a Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School, Religious Education (RE) is a key part of our curriculum. Learning about other religions and cultures, as well as our own, helps children to understand more about the world we live in.  Our curriculum for RE explores Christianity deeply using 'Understanding Christianity' resources, alongside a themed approach to build children's deep understanding of other faiths including Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.


 At St Martin’s, RE is a core academic subject with a high profile and through our curriculum we provide rich, 'hands on' opportunities for children to explore what it means to be a religious believer in the world today so that they can develop their own understanding and 'worldviews'.   Religious Education in our school is taught in accordance with the aims of the Leeds and York Diocesan Syllabus.  Further details can be found on our Curriculum Subjects page.

Visits and visitors are key elements in our RE curriculum.




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