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Reading and Phonics 


 At St Martin's, we believe that reading is an important part of each child's learning journey. Reading is at the heart of all that we do, right from the youngest children in our school to the very oldest.



At St Martin's, 'Bug Club' is used to teach systematic synthetic phonics. Phonics is taught daily throughout EYFS and KS1. Children then practise these skills by reading a 'Bug Club' book, which matches the sounds that they have been previously taught. Children will read this book in school 3 times before bringing it home. This allows children to practise their decoding skills. They will then bring their book home to read. This provides opportunity to practise reading for fluency and to continue to understand the text. 

Please explore our 'Phonics Policy' below to find out more.  

phonics policy 22 pdf.pdf


parents guide to different book bands pdf.pdf

Reading in KS2:

Children in KS2 progress onto 'Bug Club Independent'. BC Independent focuses on deepening and developing comprehension skills. Children explore a range of different genres and authors within this range, to help keep reading exciting and varied. The children also have access to a wide range of books from our KS2 library. 

parents guide to different book bands ks2.pdf


Whole Class Reading: 

Each week, all children will explore a text as a whole-class. This could be a story book, a poem, a non-fiction text, a song or a video. They will focus on one VIPERS skill (vocabulary, inference, predict, explain, retrieve, sequence/summarise) in depth each week. This skill will be modelled by the class teacher, explored through talk partners and then applied independently. Later in the week, the children will then explore a second text independently. This will be an opportunity to practise and apply this VIPERS skill in their independent work. 

reading policy 2023.pdf



Whole School Experiences:

World Book Day:

 Author and Illustrator visit:




As a school, we are signed up to 'Wonderbooks', which has been created by a charity we donate to called 'Save the Children'. Wonderbooks is a series of illustrated books all about the children across the world that 'Save the Children' work with. We receive one book each month, which is shared throughout the school. We learn all about life in different countries and the lives of different children around the world. This helps to open our eyes to the diverse world around us, as well as understanding where our donations are going and who we are supporting.