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Early Years

In the Early Years at St Martin's, we aim to create an environment that is a happy, exciting and safe space to learn and grow. 

The vision for Early Years at St Martin's is to inspire learning and promote secure foundations for both future learning and development. Whilst St Martin's recognises that all children are unique learners, our aim is to support all children in leaving Reception as confident, resilient and independent learners, who thrive in all areas of learning and development. 

Our curriculum recognises that children have a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.  Therefore, our children are provided with rich, engaging and exciting opportunities that promote curiosity and allow all children to develop their full potential in all areas of learning. Our curriculum also allows children to understand the diverse world around them and to celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. 

To find out more about Early Years at St Martin's, please explore our 'Early Years Policy' below.

To find out more about what we will be learning about this year, please explore our class page 'Class 1'.


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 To support our 'Personal, Social and Emotional Development' and our  'Understanding of the World', we explore a different story each week that links to our 'Circle Time' session. Take a look at some of the exciting stories we will be sharing below. 

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EYFS Summer