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Collective Worship


'Collective Worship is an important part of the school day for the children. It is broadly Christian in nature and offers the opportunity for children to encounter the Divine in an appropriate way through story, media, drama, presentation, music and prayer. Drawing upon a whole range of contemporary issues that are part of modern life in school, at home, in the community and across the world, the children are given time to reflect and respond to these in light of Biblical teaching. We believe this helps the children to develop as confident, well-rounded young people who can make a loving contribution to the world. I love leading whole school Collective Worship at St Martin’s where there is a strong sense of belonging and community.'

 Rev’d Mark Poole, Priest-in-Charge of the Barmby Moor Group of Churches 

Our approach to collective worship in school is, as Revd. Mark explains, that it is an important and integral part of the school day; a time to pause, look around and reflect.  We offer worship that is inclusive, invitational and inspiring and more details can be found in the policy shown on this page.   We meet together as a whole school for worship on Mondays and Fridays and hold our other daily worships in our classes.  Each class has its own reflection area for children to use during their day should they choose to and class worship usually takes place in and around this special space.

Reflection area in each classroom



Our pupil worship leaders help to plan and lead worship whenever we gather together to do this and, every term, each class plans and leads their own worship to the whole school.

Pupils also plan, contribute and lead in our special services held in church each term .  For example for Christmas 2023, doves of peace were chosen as the theme for Advent and our services and each class chose their own way to represent the idea.  These were included in our services and displayed in the church over Christmas for everyone to enjoy.     



As well as choosing particular themes to explore we also regularly reflect on our school's chosen vision and values each term as part of our planned approach to worship and we use the idea of 'Windows, Mirrors and Doors' to help us with this.  Overviews of themes from this year's plan are shown below:  

Autumn Term 2023

Half term 1 : Wisdom . Blessed are those who find wisdom’ Proverbs 3:13. We explore wisdom from the Christian perspective, and especially the wisdom of Jesus which is central to our school vision of following the model of Christ when we make decisions in all areas of our life. Two of our values to explore particularly through this theme are responsibility and creativity. ‘  In class worship, the theme of respect is also explored, which is a way of showing wisdom in our actions.

 Half term 2 : Community : ‘Live in harmony with one another’ Romans 12:16 . We develop our understanding of community from a Christian perspective through Jesus’ life and teachings, remembering how he called all people into God’s community- where everyone belongs.  This resonates especially with our school vision of our caring, loving, hopeful community. Two of our values to explore particularly through this theme are trust and compassion. In class worship, the theme of overcoming failure and helping others is also explored, which are all part of being a caring community.

Spring Term 2024

Half term 1 : Hope : ‘May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace’ Romans 15:13 .  We explore how hope is central to our school vision - 'a caring, hopeful and loving community where everyone can flourish and how we follow the model of Jesus.  We reflect on what Jesus tells us about God as always forgiving and about the joy of the love of God, especially the love that is found through prayer.  For our hopes to be fulfilled we think about how we need resilience, perseverance and courage and how our school values can help us with this.  Exploring the power of growth mindset in helping us to grow underpins this term’s theme too.

Half Term 2: Hope : We continue to understand the power of hope and our actions as we journey towards Easter through Lent and reflect on what we can do to make a difference to others.  We reflect on Holy Week and hold our special Easter Services in church at the end of term.