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Class 4



Dear Class 4,

Well what glorious weather we have had. It has certainly made lockdown a lot more pleasant. Hopefully you have all been able to enjoy some time outside.

Writing of lockdown, obviously there are changes taking place. Some of which will involve some of you returning to school. There have been lots of preparations at school to make it safe for those of you who are returning. I will, however, keep our class page updated weekly and put work on so please do try and keep going with it.

Y6, your “leaving” is going to be different- but hey, you’ll certainly remember it! I want us to do a “video montage” of each of you that we can share online as your memento of being at St. Martin’s.You might want to do a little performance, share a special memory from school or give a special message.  Have a think and you can let me know some of your suggestions and between us we will come up with something special and memorable. That way, whether you are returning to school or not you can still take part in the video.

Do look at the menu and the PDF’s. The power point for YLA is too big to share so I have actually included the teacher notes which hopefully will explain what we would have been doing. I know it’s not ideal; those of you pursuing it are demonstrating great leadership skills already!

Keep smiling. Looking forward to seeing some of you soon.

Much love,

Miss B x

PS. Hope you have a lovely birthday Oliver.










Teacher plan instructions







Dear Class 4,

Here we are again. I used to love writing letters so I it’s good to be able to catch up with you all each week.

spoken to almost all of you now. It’s great how creative you are all being and actually all enjoying the simple pleasures. I have loved seeing some of your photos and power points that you have sent into school

The weekly challenge grid has some more curriculum based ideas. Remember, there is no pressure to do these tasks but hopefully you can do most of them.

From chatting to you and your families, a lot of you are enjoying doing the BBC Bitesize maths and English activities so I have included the website for the relevant page for us. They have daily lessons so the activities change each day.

 I have also attached some worksheets and answers for both Y5 & Y6 from our Maths No Problem book. You will be able to find these by clicking on the buttons below.  I hope you will be able to have a go at them.

Stay safe, keep happy, until next week, bye for now.

Much love, Miss B x





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Dear Class 4,

Well Year 6, this would have been SATs week! None of us could have predicted us all being at home for it- funny how things turn out sometimes. Hopefully you are all still engaging your brains, one way or another.

It was lovely to catch up with most of you and your families this week. I’ll try and catch up with those that I missed this coming week. I was so pleased to hear that you and your families are all happy and well. It sounds like you have made the most of enjoying this unique time.

Happy birthday this week to Harry and Alex B! I hope you manage to enjoy your birthday celebrations. I am sure you will still have a special day. It’s my son’s 21 st birthday this week so we will have to be creative with our celebrations too. At least we all get to celebrate together, with our families, which is the main thing.

Y6 should all have the Young Leaders’ books now. Week 3 activities will be on the PDF’s and power point for this week. You do not need to download anything, just have a look at the power point and fill your book in. The previous two weeks are on the class page too, if you have not done any of it yet.

 Obviously you have the extra challenge of social distancing so you will have to modify your plans, all part of the “challenge”. Y5, you are more than welcome to join in but you do not have the Young Leaders’ book to fill in.

The weekly challenge grid has some more curriculum based ideas. (It was lovely to hear that so many of you are enjoying doing them. Lots of experiments seem to be going on. ) The grid, plus the YLA sheets are on our page. The maths websites are at the end of this letter.

 Remember, there is no pressure to do all of these tasks.

Stay safe, keep happy, until next week, bye for now.

Much love, Miss B x






Dear Class 4,

I hope this letter finds you and your families all well. Let’s keep finding the joy in the little things- it’s amazing the power that can have on our outlook.

The weather is a little more” appropriate” for the time of year. I do love the sunshine but I know the gardens were in need of some rain. Hopefully you have still managed to get some time outside.

Isobelle, I loved your power point of your Bug Hotel. Any “guests” arrived yet? If anyone else has pictures you want to email into school for me to see, do send them in. It’s lovely to see what you have been up to.

I am trying to set your weekly optional challenges in line with some of our curriculum topics this term. Remember there is always Purple Mash and TTrockstars too. I know some of you have been on these sites as I have been able to see what you have been doing. There are also more activities for the Young Leaders’ Award. Y6, your YLA books arrived at my house on Saturday so I will post them out to you this week.

Miss Halliday and I enjoyed choosing books for you all on Wednesday. If you haven’t been able to get into school yet, please email to try and arrange a convenient pick up time. Mrs Watson is kindly going to sort out tidying the books back onto the shelves.

I have put the weekly challenge grid and the YLA sheets on our page the maths websites are at the end of this letter.

Remember, there is no pressure to do these tasks.

Stay safe, keep happy, until next week, bye for now.

Much love, Miss B x





Dear Class 4,

 Hopefully you are all keeping happy, safe and well. We have certainly had some lovely weather to enjoy.

I wonder how many of you have been helping out doing some DIY at home? I managed to get my children to help me paint our fence (it has been on our “to do” list a long time!)  That was in between them eating me out of house and home!

 This week, if you can, I’d love you all to start having a look at what we would have been doing with Y6 for the Archbishop Young Leaders’ Award. Everyone can get on board with it but Y6 you will receive the books to start filling these lessons in, so keep evidence of your work. It covers lots of our curriculum areas.

  Looking at what makes a good leader is a valuable life skill- it could be interesting to see what evidence we can find of it in the current climate.

 It would be great if you can involve some of your family members with some of the tasks too. Lockdown family fun- hopefully.

 I have put it on the weekly challenge grid, alongside the maths websites. Remember, there is no pressure to do these tasks, they are there to give you ideas to do and keep you occupied should you need it. I have tried to pick some challenges that fit with this term’s curriculum so that we can keep up to date with our learning.

Stay safe you lovely lot. Look after yourself and your family.

 Much love,

 Miss B x