St Martin's

St Martin's CE VA Primary School

Class 3

Monday 1st June 2020

Dear Class 3,

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine and enjoyed your break.

We are moving onto our exciting new topic, ‘The Rainforest’ this half term. I hope you enjoy the activities I have set you in the menu of Activities that is attached below.

Maths will be a little different this half term. It will be a mixture of White Rose Maths and our very own Maths no Problem lessons. Doing it this way will ensure there won’t be any gaps in your learning. This week, I have made a PowerPoint for each group for you to follow. There is a lesson and worksheets for each day. I have included the answers too; as it will help you work through any mistakes and check your understanding.

It has been a long time since we have all seen one-another and I miss you all dearly. I have been trying out Zoom during the holidays with my family. I know many of you are already using it at home too to keep in touch with one another and for other lessons and activities. If you haven’t heard of Zoom, it is a way to do a group video meeting. I hope to try it out with you all as soon as possible and I will be in touch with further details soon.

I have set up a class blog on Purple Mash so that you are able to share your learning and activities with your class friends and teachers. Just click on the ‘sharing’ tab at the top of the screen and click on Class 3. Don’t forget you can always share your work through the school email too as we would love to see it. I look forward to hearing from you all soon,


Keep smiling,

Mrs Roberts.  x


Click here to view this week's activity menu.

  The Amazon Rainforest Map 

Click here to access year 3 maths PowerPoint for this week.

 Year 3 Maths worksheets

Year 3 Maths answers

  Click here to access Year 4 maths PowerPoint for this week

 Year 4 Maths worksheets






Monday 18th May 2020

Dear Class 3,

I can’t believe we are at the end of another half term! It has been lovely speaking with those children I could not reach the previous week. Again, there is still a few of you that I have been unable to contact, so I will try to contact you again next week.

I hope you have enjoyed our topics so far. This will be the last week we will be spending in chilly Antarctica before we travel to the colourful world of The Rainforest after the half term break.

This week, we are researching climate change in the Antarctic, so if you are still looking for inspiration for last week’s ‘Letters of Creation’ (for Christian Aid), you’re sure to find plenty in this week’s activity menu.

 I have included some Purple Mash activities too, as I know many of you enjoy completing and sharing work on there. I look forward to seeing your work and little messages too! Of course don’t forget you can share your work through email or Twitter.

There is plenty for you to be getting on with in the Activity Menu; however, if you’re looking for a little extra, check out the BBC Bite size home learning daily lessons for English. I know some of you are enjoying Oak Academy too and it’s great to hear that you are enjoying music lessons amongst other creative arts on there.

I look forward to seeing your happy faces again soon and hope you enjoy your break,

 Mrs Roberts. J x  







Monday 11th May 2020

Dear Class 3,

It has been lovely chatting to you and your parents this week. Please don’t worry if I was unable to speak with you; I will try to call you again this week.  I hope you all had a chance to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and VE Day celebrations. I know many of you were making bunting or baking in preparation for the day. We managed to enjoy a BBQ in our garden and listened to some music from the 1940’s.

As this week is Christian Aid week, you will find an activity which I am sure will be of interest to you. Other activities are based around the topics we would have been covering in school:  Antarctica and Animals and their Habitats. I hope you enjoy them and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Keep smiling,

 Mrs Roberts. x



Monday 4th May 2020

 Dear Class 3, 

I hope you are all well and enjoyed last week’s activities. I would have loved to have seen your dance routines you choreographed for International Dance Day. If it wasn’t your thing, I hope you managed to keep moving one way or another! Being able to exercise is certainly helping me to feel good. I have enjoyed some lovely walks and bicycle rides near my home during my spare time, as the blossom is so pretty at this time of year.

I have also been chatting to Mrs Atkinson this week on the telephone. She is also well and trying to keep herself busy. She sent you this message: 


‘I am so looking forward to seeing you again once this is over, and to hear all of your stories whilst in lockdown. Stay safe and be good (of course you always are!)

Love Mrs A’ 


There is plenty for you to do this week with the activities I have set you. However, If you are looking for a little more to do, can I suggest that you take a look at the English lessons for your year group on BBC Bite size Home Learning? Here is the link:

I have also included a reading list of quality books that I recommend for your age group. Some are books that I loved when I was a girl (and still do now!). There is no obligation for you to buy them. The only intent is to give you some fresh ideas. I hope you liked the books I packaged for you too on Friday; again, please don’t worry if you were unable to get to school to collect them.

I hope you enjoy this week’s activities. They are based around our new topics for this half –term. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Keep smiling,


Mrs Roberts. x


                                   Class_3_Reading_List.pdf        The_Arctic_and_Antartic_comparison_and_information.docx



Monday 27th April 2020

 Dear Class 3,

 It has been a great week to be out in the garden to enjoy the sunshine. It has been lovely to do some of our lessons outside this week and do some gardening too! I hope you managed to get out and that you found our science investigation interesting. Did you know that leaves actually can absorb water through their leaves?  They prefer to take it up through their roots of course.

 It was lovely to see some of your work on Purple Mash too, especially your fact files about the Queen.  I was surprised to discover that the Queen drove a truck during World War 2! It made me think about how everybody is working together to help one another at this time. Many people are doing jobs and activities that they wouldn’t normally do, like doing an elderly neighbour’s shopping or mowing their lawn because they are unable to get out.  Some of you are trying out new things too I hear, like aiming for a Blue Peter badge! I hope to hear from many more of you.  Our school’s Twitter page is also a great place to do that and means that your friends can also stay connected and see what you have been up to.

I have attached this week’s activities and hope that you find them enjoyable.

Keep smiling,

 Mrs Roberts x