St Martin's

St Martin's CE VA Primary School

Class 1

WB 01.06.20

Hello Everyone!

I am really looking forward to seeing some of you again very soon. It will be lovely to be back at school, and to find out about all the things you have been up to in this amazing sunshine. I wonder if I will recognise you?!

In the meantime, here are some ideas for the coming week. I thought it would be a great opportunity to think about and recognise some of the people who have been busy keeping us safe, growing and delivering food, and helping people to get better again.

 I hope you enjoy these activities.

Love from Mrs Highton


People who help us:

Design your own truck/lorry. Make up your own logo. What have you been busy delivering?

People have been making sure that the electricity supply keeps going. Carry out a survey of things that use electricity in your house. Which object do you think is the most important?

Maybe you could make some healthy vegetable soup using some of the ingredients from your healthy shopping list? (see below).


Make a shopping list including lots of healthy foods.

Make a ‘Thank You’ card for a key worker and write a message inside.

Write a riddle about a vegetable. Can your family guess what it is?

Maths: This week I have included some word problems for you to solve. You may need a grown up to help you to read the questions. Then you will have to find the important information that will help you solve the puzzles.

They are attached to the end of this grid.

RE: Sunday 31st May was ‘Pentecost’. This was when Jesus’ friends got together to talk about Jesus going to Heaven. Suddenly there was a gust of wind, and then an amazing fire appeared. The fire separated into flames resting above the disciples heads. Then the disciples started to speak in different languages. Peter, one of Jesus’ friends told the people that they had been blessed by the Holy Spirit.

Can you make a wind twirl to show the ‘special’ wind? Draw a spiral on a piece of paper, and decorate it. Then cut along the spiral lines, and attach it to a stick with some string or wool. It should spin around in the breeze.

Phonics: Our tricky word this week is: ‘were’, which we use when we talk about something that has already happened to several people or things. Perhaps you can practise this word by describing some of things you have done with your family?

 2 syllable words: You could write the 2 words on separate pieces of paper and mix them up. Now can you match them together to make commonly used words?

back/pack  lock/down  bin/bag  sun/hat  lunch/box


 WB 18.5.20

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a little different, I was able to see my daughter Elizabeth for the first times in ages, and we took Betty for a walk on the racecourse in York. I think Elizabeth was more excited about seeing Betty than me, but never mind! Maybe you have been able to see some other members of your families too.

Thank you for working so hard, again! It has been lovely to receive photographs of smiling children, enjoying both some of the activities suggested, but also discovering the fun of baking, gardening and riding bikes.

Here are another few ideas for the week ahead, this time on the topic of ‘Dinosaurs’, which I chose because many of you often bring dinosaur toys in for Show and Tell.

I hope you enjoy this topic.

Stay safe, and enjoy half term next week.

Love from Mrs Highton


Dinosaurs: There is a well resourced Dinosaur collection from CBeebies (search: Dinosaurs-CBeebies-BBC) with loads of great ideas for crafts, games and a vast collection of TV programmes called Andy’s prehistoric adventures. These are about 15 minutes long, and not too scary (but you might want to watch with a grown up if you don’t like ‘real’ dinosaurs very much!)

There are many suggestions there, but you might also want to find some stones and paint them to look like dinosaur eggs. Or if you have a shoe box, maybe you could make an environment for a toy dinosaur with volcanic scenery, plants, rocks and trees etc.

Literacy: Can you create a brand new dinosaur of your own? Try to write a few sentences to describe it. Has it got 6 horns? Can it fly? What does it eat?  Think of a name for it…. Eden-saurus? Reeva-ceratops? Maybe you could draw and colour a picture to go with your description.

Maths: Adding 3 groups of objects, and then 3 numbers together.

This week, can you create 3 groups of objects, maybe by throwing a dice to generate each group? Find the total by counting all the objects. Now, instead of creating 3 groups, use a written digit for the first group; then count on from this number to find the total. When you are ready try to use digits for groups 1 and 2, and then finally try adding 3 digits together. You will need to count on by putting totals in your head as you go.

RE: On Thursday 21st May, it is Ascension Day. This is when, 40 days after Easter, Jesus rose up from earth to go and live with God, the Father, in Heaven. Can you write the word Jesus in big letters, and then (if you have any) decorate each word with cotton wool, to remind us of the clouds in the sky as Jesus rose. Or you could draw a cloud above each letter.

Phonics: 2 tricky words this week, but similar. They are ‘come’ and ‘some’. Perhaps you could use these in your dinosaur descriptions?

 Again, using phoneme frames with 4 spaces, practise the sound ‘oo/oo’ with words with 2 consonants at the beginning or at the end…

Spoon/ crook/broom/cooker/scoop/gloom/stood/proof












WB 11.05.20

Hello Everyone!

I have really enjoyed walking my dog Betty, and looking at all the houses decorated for VE day. How lovely that the sun was shining too!

I was so pleased to speak to some of you last week, and to chat to your parents too. It sounds like everyone is doing really well, and staying cheerful. It was lovely to hear that you have been enjoying some of the activities that I have suggested; I am aware that can seem to be plenty of content, so please feel free to select any ideas that are of interest, there is no expectation that everything has to be attempted. And of course, you may be pursuing other topics that are relevant to your individual family.

This week we are looking at ‘The Alphabet’ …. I’m sure you will enjoy singing the alphabet song, just as much as your family will enjoy hearing it!

Take care, I miss you all.

Love from Mrs Highton


Literacy:  Can you make 2 colourful alphabet banners? One using lower case letters and the other with upper case (capital letters). These will help you with other activities. Write your full name in capital letters. When you have completed your Alphabet Treasure Hunt (see below), put some of your objects into a bag, and pull out 3 of them. Arrange them into alphabetical order using your banners to help you. Write a list each time.

Maths: This week we are looking at ‘capacity’, and that some containers have a greater capacity than others. Often ‘taller’ containers look like they will hold more, but this is not necessarily the case. There is a well explained session from nrich maths… don’t worry too much about needing food colouring! 

RE: I am sure you have enjoyed sharing lots of stories with your families; there is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book. You may remember that sometimes Rev. Jan brings her special pink book into school. This is a Bible, a book that tells us about God and Jesus. There are many stories in the New Testament that tell us about just how special Jesus was. One of these is when Jesus and his friends are in boat when a storm appears. His friends were very frightened, but Jesus was so special he could tell the storm to go away. Can you draw a picture of the boat in the storm and another picture of the calm waters and sky? (If you have a Bible at home, you can find this story in:  Luke ch 8 v 22-26.)

The Alphabet:

Try doing an alphabet treasure hunt. See if you can find one object for each sound in your house or garden (you may need to use pictures for some of the trickier ones!). Keep hold of your collection, so that you can use them for a literacy activity.

Make a decorated sign for your bedroom using capital letters.

Sing the alphabet song… and teach it to your family.

Phonics: This week, the tricky word is ‘like’. Can you write several sentences starting with ‘I like to…’ ?

Again, using phoneme frames with 4 spaces, practise the sound ‘oa’ with words with 2 consonants at the beginning or at the end…

boast/ cloak/float/roast/ croak/toast/coach/bloat/throat









WB 04.05.20

Hello Everyone!

Another week has passed, hopefully you are all staying well and happy.

I hope you enjoyed finding out more about your houses last week. I am looking forward to seeing your work and hearing all about your homes. Seeing and hearing? Aha! Our senses! Let’s use the coming week to find out more about our 5 senses. We use our senses to find out about the world in which we live, through seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching.

Here are some activities for you to try… and if you can think of any others, please explore your own ideas too. Take care, and as ever, keep smiling! Hope to see you soon.

Love from Mrs Highton 

Literacy: Make a booklet about your 5 senses. You could draw your eyes and colour them in. Then you could write and finish this sentence ‘I like to see….’ On the next page, draw an ear and finish this sentence ‘I like to hear…’ Complete for all the senses.
Maths: We are going to count in 10s and 5s this week, and then practise using 10p and 5p coins if you have any. Have a quick look at your hands to remind yourself how many fingers you have. You will need to borrow fingers from your family…. Counting in 10s, how many fingers are in your house altogether? Now try the same with 5s. Make collections of any objects, either in groups of 10 or 5, and count. You can use 10p and 5p coins as well. Perhaps you could make a toy shop, and use these coins to buy a selection of goods?
RE: At the moment we are not able to touch some of the people we love, such as our grandparents (although you are probably able to see them on your tablets etc, which is lovely.) Draw around both your hands and cut out. Join your hands together at the ‘wrist’. On each fingertip write the names of the people you are praying for just now.

Senses: There are lots of great experiments you can do to help you learn more about your senses.

Taste: It is your tongue that lets you know the different taste of foods. If you have these foods, try to describe how they taste… lemon/salt/sugar/dark chocolate. Think about these words and try to match them to the foods; sweet, salty, sour, bitter.

Smell: Perhaps your parents can find some strong smelling things in your house, and without looking, can you smell them and say what they are? (eg bubble bath/coffee/onion/curry powder etc)

Touch: Make a collection of objects with different textures. Do they feel rough? hard? smooth? soft?

There are some listening activities on this website

And of course, you can have endless games of I-spy!

Phonics: This week, the tricky word is ‘have’. You can tie this in with our topic by writing these sentences... I have seen a.../I have heard a....etc.

Using phoneme frames with 4 spaces, practised the sound 'igh' with words with 2 consonants at the beginning....flight/bright/plight/slight/fright

f l igh t



 WB 27.04.20

Hello Everyone!

The weather has certainly been kind, and the sunshine has meant that the bees have been busy. I hope you managed to spot a few, and that you enjoyed some of the activities suggested.

As we are all spending so much time in our homes, I thought that 'Houses' would be an ideal topic this week. Here are some ideas for you to try, although if you come up with other activities, I would love to see your work when we see each other again.

 Literacy: Can you make an 'estate agents' brochure about your house? You could begin with the front cover, with a drawing of the front or back of your house, and your address written underneath. Write the title 'For Sale' in large colourful letters. Now you can add more pages to your booklet, you can do as many as you want to, describing some of the rooms in your house.

RE/Literacy: Our homes are 'special places' where we feel safe. You could draw the outline of a house, showing the rooms. You could write out or finish these sentences in each room.

I like to be in my kitchen because..../ I like to be in my bedroom because..../I like to be in my sitting room because.... etc.

Maths: Play 'The House that Jack Built'. Ask an adult to draw the outline of a house with a roof, 2 chimneys, a door, a patio window, 3 other smaller windows and some flowers.

Red tops might want to play with one dice. If you throw 6, colour in the roof. 5 = chimneys, 4 = patio doors, 3 = windows, 2 = door & 1 = flowers. Maybe you could have several houses and play this game with your family.

Blue tops. Time to practise some subtraction! Use 2 dice (or roll one twice). Create a subtraction problem with the 2 numbers, always making sure you use the highest number first. If the answer is 0, colour the roof. 1 = door, 2 = chimney, 3 = windows, 4 = flowers and 5 = patio doors.

Dice are a great way to generate addition problems too.

 What is your house made from? Have a good look at the outside of your house. Can you see any of these materials? Brick, wood, glass, plastic, metal, stone, mortar. Draw a diagram and label the different materials.

Look at the brick pattern on your house. If you have lego or duplo, try to recreate a wall with the same pattern. Or you could use a duplo brick or any rectangle to print this pattern with paint.

 Phonics: The new tricky word this week is 'said'. Perhaps you could practise writing a sentence using tricky words from your list, and adding 'said granny' etc at the end.

We can change these cvc words into new words by adding a consonant at the beginning. Can you work out which sound to add? (Some may have a couple of possibilities.)

For example: pot becomes spot.

Try these... rip / rack / top / peck / pin / ran / lap / lad / win.

 I hope you enjoy trying some of these ideas...

 Let's hope we will be able to return to school as soon as possible, but in the meantime, keep safe, and enjoy learning about your home.

Lots of love from Mrs Highton.