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Class 4's first Make £5 Grow sale took place on Tuesday 20 February in the playground after school. It was very well supported. The children did amazingly well and a good deal of money changed hands! Thank you to everyone who bought something. There was a good variety of stalls from bird boxes to painted rocks; from glitter tea lights to handmade biscuits. Next week's sale takes place on Tuesday 27 February. On the week of the parents' consultation evenings, the sale will take place on the Wednesday (7 March) instead.  

Picture 1 Selling squishies.
Picture 2 Stressed? Buy a stress ball - or two.
Picture 3 Waiting for the rush!
Picture 4 Scented candles and glitter tea lights on sale.
Picture 5 Fangfoss Rocks!
Picture 6 Something for our feathered friends.
Picture 7 Grabbing a bargain.


Just before we broke up, representatives from Virgin Bank in York came to Class 4 to listen to the children's ideas and to give out advice. The children asked questions and their ideas were judged and prizes given out. One lucky team will be going to Virgin Bank in York to sell theirs and other children's wares. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Preparations are well under way for Class 4's Make £5 Grow project. The first sale will be after school on Tuesday 20 February. Bring your pennies (and £s!)

Preparations are well under way for Class 4's Make £5 Grow project. The first sale will be after school on Tuesday 20 February. Bring your pennies (and £s!) 1 Pupils in Class 4, each with their £5.


In RE, Class 4 has been learning about the Jewish festival of Passover when people remember how the children of Israel were led out of slavery in Egypt. The class enjoyed some traditional Passover foods - Charoset - which with its chopped apples represents the mortar used by the slaves; Matzah crackers - representing the fact that the Israelites couldn't wait for their bread to rise and red grape juice (wine) representing freedom from slavery. 

Picture 1 Charoset
Picture 2 Wine (red grape juice)
Picture 3 Matzah crackers
Picture 4
Picture 5

Spring 2018 Curriculum letter

Christmas Crafts in Class 4

Christmas Crafts in Class 4 1 Class 4's home-made Christmas decorations.
Christmas Crafts in Class 4 2 Getting crafty in Class 4.
Christmas Crafts in Class 4 3 Christingles for the service at St Martin's Church
Christmas Crafts in Class 4 4 You can never have too much glitter!
Christmas Crafts in Class 4 5 Nice Christmas jumper Miss B!
Christmas Crafts in Class 4 6 Edible crafts too.

September 2017 Curriculum Letter

Class 4 have been taking part in Active English, which combines writing, creativity and physical exercise!

A Sad Goodbye

Today is my last day at St Martin's School, after having worked here for over 8 years it's a very sad day for me. The school, children and staff are wonderful and I shall sorely miss coming here each day. Miss Brindley and Class 4 are fabulous and do brilliant things...keep being amazing, love Miss Andrews xx

History of Medicine Project

Class 4 really enjoyed our History topic looking at medicine through the ages, so much so, the children did a homework project on a period of history that they were particularly interested in. We had some Tudor herbs, Medieval humours and Plague Doctors. Parents came to our open afternoon and Class 3 popped in for a visit. The children had certainly put in a lot of effort.

This half term in D&T we have been learning about yeast and bread making. We decided to do this topic in the form of 'The Great British Bake Off' - Bread Week! Over the weeks the children had to research, design then make their bread. We were very lucky to have the assistance and knowledge of 2 professional bread bakers...Vicky and Jess from Patacakes Bakery in Dunnington, they came in for 3 weeks to help and finally judge the children's finished products. It was an extremely tense final with the overall winning team creating a very tasty raisin bread.

All of KS2 attended a Creative Writing day at Beningbrough Hall, the children were split into groups to write a collaborative piece. Each group were taken to a room, given a character, genre and item to include in their story. A great day was had by all and the children showed what fabulous imaginations they have!

Summer Term 2017 curriculum letter

We took the Year 6's out for a 'Leavers meal' to Cosmo in York. We had a walk down by the river and ate far too much for lunch but it was delicious!

To end the topic on food in our French lessons, we held 'market stalls' where we had to buy and sell fruit and vegetables using French language only.

Our annual end of year play took place this half term, we performed 'Porridge' to audiences over 2 nights. A great time was had by all...some of us loved our costumes more than others!

Class 4 had a day at Stocksbridge Technology Centre learning about various ways to grow fruit and vegetables. At the end of the day everybody got to bring home a bag of vegetables to enjoy which they had picked.

During SATs week, the rest of the class spent some time on a maths pizza project. The children were given the brief of creating maths related toppings, for example we had some ratio, fractions, doubling and symmetry. They designed the pizzas on paper, worked out the ingredients for the base then made the dough and put their toppings on. Once the pizzas were finished we compared their designs to their finished product then shared them with the Year 6's to celebrate the end of SATs.

In History we have been learning about Tudor Life. We decided to end the topic by holding a Tudor project afternoon for parents and children in Class 3 to come and see everything we have learnt.

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Our finished bowls from Fangfoss Pottery, we are very pleased with them!

Our finished bowls from Fangfoss Pottery, we are very pleased with them! 1
Our finished bowls from Fangfoss Pottery, we are very pleased with them! 2

We were invited by Jerry and Lyn Grant, from Fangfoss Pottery, to spend an afternoon learning how they work and also making our own bowls using leaves we found.

Class 4 enjoying World Book Day (spot the 2 Wallys in the background...).

Class 4 enjoying World Book Day (spot the 2 Wallys in the background...). 1

Mr Simms and Mr Edwards performing the Class 4 dance - maybe enjoying themselves a little too much!

Anne Frank

This half term we have been learning about Anne Frank by reading her diary and moving on to writing radio play scripts based on her story. Below are the recordings of our plays, we hope you enjoy listening to them...

Eve, Bethany, Amy, Skye and Lily

Harry, Skye and Matthew M.

Helen, Daisy, Lauren and Harry

Ivo, Ellie, Harry and Ruby

Lauren, Ruby, Daisy, Helen and Ellie

Lawrence, Matthew M. and Archie

Lily, Edie, Matthew B, Beatrice and Poppy

Matthew B, Finley, Adam and Edie

Poppy, Skye, Amy, Molly and Adam

Autumn 2016 curriculum letter

We have had a little visitor in Class 4 over the festive period, the cheeky Elf! Each night he has had a bit of fun in our classroom, the children have had fun coming in and finding what he's been up to!

Our English topic is currently Rap Poetry, this rap was written by one of the year 6 pupils.

To round off our topics of Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and From Bean to Bar, we visited York Chocolate Story to learn more about the process. We had a great time tasting the chocolate and we made our own lollies!

We had East Riding Youth Dance in for a session.

Summer 2016 Curriculum Letter

We designed and created Buddhist shrines to bring our topic to a close.

As part of our Buddhist topic, we decided to create our own mandalas using coloured sand.

On Thursday 23rd June, the EU referendum took place. We at St Martin's decided to hold our own vote...the children voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU.

To bring some more understanding of how Fairtrade works and why we should support it, we held a Fairtrade afternoon for the whole school. Dr & Mrs Smith came to give a talk and answer questions, they also brought various Fairtrade products to buy and we supplied cakes and drinks made with Fairtrade ingredients.

We spent the day at Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre learning all about the Buddhist faith. Polly, who is a volunteer at the centre, took us around the hall explaining the history and the day to day life. We then spent some time in the meditation room having a go at 'Take 5' meditation we also acted out the story of Buddha. Afterwards the Buddhist nun, Lekmo, answered any questions the children had regarding Buddhism and the life of a nun/monk.

We held our final sale for Virgin Money 'Make £5 Grow' scheme, Anna from Virgin Bank came to support us and we handed over the cheque to repay the loan the children were given. The children raised an amazing £795 over the course of the enterprise, great work by the pupils and many thanks to the parents for giving their support. We are now looking forward to a great day out at York Maze with the profits!

As part of our Virgin Money 'Make £5 Grow' enterprise we are currently taking part in, we were kindly offered the opportunity to hold a stall at Langlands garden centre by Mr and Mrs Ducker. 5 groups of children took up this offer and raised a huge £161 on the day. Fantastic!

Spring 2016 Curriculum Letter

As part of our Easter activities in class, we learnt about the meaning behind a simnel cake and enjoyed tasting it. We also made lovely Easter cards using a block printing technique that we had been doing in art.

After our Big Easter day, we created a display to show the activities we took part in.

The whole school took part in our annual Big Easter day, we went round the different stations having a go at the activities. Rev Jan joined us for the afternoon too.

In Class 4 we have a reward system of a 'ping pong pot', when the pot is full the children choose a treat. This time they decided they'd love a chocolate fountain so...we gave them a chocolate fountain!

We are currently taking part in the Virgin Money 'Grow £5' scheme. The children have each received a £5 loan from Virgin Money to invest in their own business. Each week we have been holding selling opportunities in school. The children are hoping to raise enough money to pay for a fun day out towards the end of the school year.

In our Geography lessons we have been looking at the question 'Why on Earth?' We have been very lucky to have had reports sent back from a 6 week boat journey, which began in Singapore and has just ended in Ghana, by Mr Collins our Admin Officer's husband. Mr Collins works for the oil industry and has been involved in a huge project to build and sail a 'floating oil rig' which is to be used off the Ghanian coast for approx the next 25 years. We have been in email contact with Mr Collins along the journey, asking questions ranging from 'how do you get water?' to 'have you seen any sea creatures?' Mr Collins left the ship to come home on leave for a couple of weeks and came into school to talk about his experiences and answer more questions from the children.

We spent an afternoon looking at 'What is a Diocese' and learning about the York Diocese. The whole of KS2 got together and split into 5 groups, we went around each 'station' in our groups and had a go at the different activities. Afterwards we came back together to look at the different ideas and thoughts from all the groups and discuss what we had learnt.

World Book Day 2016 in Class 4!

World Book Day 2016 in Class 4! 1

September 2015 Curriculum Letter

In Class 4, our topic in Science has been Earth, Sun and Moon. The children have had the half term to create a Space project to show to the rest of the class and the pupils in class 3.

We took a slow motion video of one group trying to show how craters are made on the moon.

Still image for this video

Dawn Holgate, a dance teacher, from Woldgate School spent the afternoon giving Class 4 dancing lessons.

We held an open afternoon for parents to come and see what we had learnt during our Viking topic.

On Saturday, we ran stalls and games for the school Christmas fair in our classroom. We had lots of customers and really enjoyed ourselves.

The Live Debate

Still image for this video
This half term we have been learning the art of debating. We decided to bring this topic to a conclusion by holding a live debate on 'Age Rating on Films and Games - Yes or No?'


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The children have enjoyed learning the art of Siu Lim Tau which is the 1st form of Wing Chun (Little ideas, small thoughts)

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

During this half term in science we have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes, we spent a full day conducting various experiments.

Class 4 have been learning the traditional martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu with instructor Sifu Dave

We had a Forensic Science Day in Class 4, where various crimes were committed and the children had to work out 'who did it'.

Summer Term Curriculum letter.

We really enjoyed learning about and creating stoles for the different times of The Litergical Calendar. We were so inspired that we made our own stole for Reverend Jan to wear at our 2015 leavers service.

Virgin Money Grow £5 trip to Forbidden Corner

REaction visited our class, we discussed the 'Send My Friend To School' campaign, had a drama workshop based on the creation story and played drums.

Reverend Jan came into Class 4 to talk to us about Liturgical Colours and Art in Christianity. She brought her stoles in to look at and try on, we are now going to design and make our own.

We had an assembly followed by a workshop by Childline to discuss keeping safe and what to do if we are worried.

'Make £5 Grow'


We took part in 'Make £5 Grow' with Virgin Money. Virgin bank lent each child £5 to grow, the children chose whether they did this alone or in groups.

Over 12 weeks the children researched, advertised, made/bought and sold stock and kept profit and loss accounts. The children were very enthusiastic about this project as we gave them the choice of what they would like to do with any profit they made at the end...the decision being a day trip!

As the weeks rolled by, the profits began to creep up and by the end of the final sale day the class had made a total combined profit of an amazing £918.38!  This beats the total made by any other school taken part in Virgin Money 'Make £5 Grow'.

With the money we are able to pay for the full class to enjoy a trip to The Forbidden Corner, the bus journey, lunch and ice-creams. Great work everyone!




Virgin Money 'Make £5 Grow' last sale day

Spring Term Curriculum Letter January 2015

Our Easter Service during which some of us read our Easter poems we had written in class

We had an enjoyable afternoon taking part in Easter activities at church with Reverend Jan

We Love Dressing Up In Class 4! World Book Day 2015

We Love Dressing Up In Class 4! World Book Day 2015 1

Autumn Term 2 curriculum letter

Our topic has been The Ancient Maya, to bring this to a close we decided to have an activity day.

We spent the afternoon playing disability games with ladies from the Sports and Play Development Team

The children have created some exciting, fun and educational games as part of their homework so we spent a session trying them out!

We had visitors from the Sports Development Team come into school to teach us how to play archery

Virgin Money "Make £5 Grow" Launch

Challenge Yourself Homework List

We have been trying a new approach with our homework during the last half term where the children can choose which piece they do each week from a list of 15. 

This seems to have been very well received, so much so that we decided to dedicate a display board to the work the children bring in.

There has been lots of baking (which is always gratefully received!), fact sheets, paintings and games, to name but a few. The children have used their imaginations and creativity to make some amazing pieces of work.


Class 4's New Homework Board and Homework Activities

Please read our Autumn Curriculum letter to see what we will be learning about.

Christmas Jumper and Christmas Activity Day fun in Class 4!

Class 4 running their stalls at the school Christmas Fair.

Some Class 4 pupils have been training to become school Playleaders, here they are receiving their certificates and caps.

Winner! Sean won the East Riding of Yorkshire Bikeability competition, over 2000 children have taken part in Bikeability this year. Here he is receiving his prize.

Winner! Sean won the East Riding of Yorkshire Bikeability competition, over 2000 children have taken part in Bikeability this year. Here he is receiving his prize. 1
Winner! Sean won the East Riding of Yorkshire Bikeability competition, over 2000 children have taken part in Bikeability this year. Here he is receiving his prize. 2
Winner! Sean won the East Riding of Yorkshire Bikeability competition, over 2000 children have taken part in Bikeability this year. Here he is receiving his prize. 3
Winner! Sean won the East Riding of Yorkshire Bikeability competition, over 2000 children have taken part in Bikeability this year. Here he is receiving his prize. 4
Class 4's homework was to design a maths game that would teach and challenge the players maths skills. The proof of the pudding was the children teaching and playing their games with their classmates.

Class 4 taking part in Bikeability Cycle Training

Class 4's Marvellous Medicine History Project


Class 4 children, as part of our history of medicine, did an extra curricular homework project on a period of their choice, to look at the illnesses and remedies of that time. The children thoroughly enjoyed their work and it culminated in an open afternoon for parents to come and see all their hard work.

Class 4's healthy eating D&T day.

Class 4's team building day at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park.